About Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart is a spiritual organisation that is universally open to all beliefs and faiths, focusing on how to improve our well being and live a happy stress free life by following our spiritual heart. We promote Open Heart Meditation, which is a free to download guided meditation as an enjoyable way to let go of stress, forgive others and remove any negative emotions that make us unhappy.

Our website provides practical and useful information about our heart and has free downloadable meditations so that people can improve their own well being and experience their heart for themselves.

We also run open heart workshops, support public meditation groups and host online meditation at open-your-heart.net so people from around the world can freely meet and do Open Heart Meditation together.

Open Your Heart is a non-profit affiliated to the Heart Sanctuary Organization and is a division of Padmacahaya Foundation: the International Institute for Inner Studies which has branches in over 20 countries. The foundation was started by Irmansyah Effendi MSc in 1998, who is the author of Open Heart Meditation and also teaches spiritual workshops and retreats about the heart worldwide.